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Denkfest 2012 – “Art and Society – smart forms of cooperation”
Date: September 29, 2012
Venue: Old Fire Station Heidelberg (Ehemalige Feuerwache Heidelberg)

In 2012, the Metropolitan Region Rhine-Neckar (MRN) will be the location for a special happening:
The “Denkfest 2012” will take place on September 29.
The day-long event will look into “Art and Society – smart forms of cooperation”.

Forms of cooperation between culture and society were chosen as main theme for the second edition of this event of the Metropolitan Region Rhine-Neckar. New models of cooperation between institutions, associations, commerce/economy and politics on the one hand with artists on the other hand carry the potential to respond to social challenges by joining forces in cultural projects. In the course of the “Denkfest”, examples of successful cooperation projects will be presented. These are intended as impulse for new alliances in our region. Also, known and new models of cultural funding will be discussed.
The 2012 event thus pursues last year’s outcome: the first “Denkfest” in May 2011 has brought the region’s cultural players closer together and generated a will to head for new horizons. Clearly, there is a huge interest in cooperation projects. It was generally agreed that we need to form alliances in order to develop the strength of our Metropolitan Region: its notable cultural diversity.


Sabine Bornemann (Leiterin Cultural Contact Point, Bonn)

Klaus Bremen (Sozialwissenschaftler, Publizist, Essen)

Trevor Davies (Künstlerischer Leiter Copenhagen International Theatre, DK)

Jörg Eisfeld–Reschke (Forscher, Berater, Institut für Kommunikation in sozialen Medien, Berlin)

Adrienne Goehler (Publizistin, Kuratorin, Berlin)

Ulrich Greb (Intendant, Theater Moers)

Katerina Gregos (Kuratorin, Brüssel, B)

D r. Marita Haibach (Beraterin, Coach, Autorin, Fundraising & Major Giving, Wiesbaden)

Rainer Kern (Künstlerischer Leiter Kulturhauptstadtbüro 2020, Mannheim)

Jürgen Kirchner (Bürgermeister, Stadt Hemsbach)

Jochen Lehmann (Erster Vorsitzender Förderverein KunstPlatz Hemsbach)

Livia Patrizi (Künstlerischer Leiterin TanzZeit, Berlin)

Dr. Alexander Schubert (Wissenschaftlicher Direktor Curt-Engelhorn-Stiftung, Mannheim)

Gavin Stride (Leiter Kunstzentrum Farnham Maltings, Surrey, GB)

Jacob Holdt: On Saying Yes // Su, 12.2. // 4 pm // Kapelle am Urban, Berlin-Kreuzberg
The title of the festival is inspired by Carson McCuller's novel The Heart is a Lonely Hunter (1940), which gives voice to the mistreated, the rejected and the forgotten. On the occation of the opening and in this context, the legendary and socially engaged photographer Jacob Holdt, world famous already in 1977 for his extensive photo series American-Pictures, presents his slide show, 12.2. at Kapelle am Urban.
Location: Kapelle am Urban, Grimmstraße 10, Berlin-Kreuzberg, entrance 7/10 €,

THE EYE IS A LONELY HUNTER in BERLIN // Sa, 11.2.2012 // 7 pm // Grimmuseum
The Fotofestival Mannheim_Ludwigshafen_Heidelberg presents a selection from the 4th Fotofestival at the Grimmuseum in Berlin. The exhibition will include photographic works by Ravi Agarwal (India, 1958), Said Atabekov (Uzbekistan, 1965), Plamen Bontchev (Bulgaria, 1980) und Sofia Burchardi (Denmark, 1981), Philippe Chancel (France, 1959), Gohar Dashti (Iran, 1980), Hasan und Husain Essop (South Africa, 1985), Fouad Elkoury (France/Lebanon, 1952), Jacob Holdt (Denmark, 1947), Pieter Hugo (1976, South Africa), Barbara Metselaar Berthold (Germany, 1951), Boniface Mwangi (Kenya, 1985), Paolo Woods (Netherlands, 1971). All these works were produced especially for the Fotofestival.

Grimm Museum, Fichte Strasse 2, 10967 Berlin

Fotofestival "The Eye is a Lonely Hunter" in Berlin // November 3, 2011 // 7:00 p.m. // Kehrer Showroom Berlin
For those who have not been able to see this years Fotofestival Mannheim_Ludwigshafen_Heidelberg the curators will present the Fotofestival and the catalogue in Berlin at Kehrer Showroom. (Kehrer Showroom bei Vice Versa Vertrieb, Immanuelkirchstr. 12, 10405 Berlin)

Guests: Studio Manuel Raeder/ Manuel Goller (Designer), Sofia Burchardi & Plamen Bontchev, Mariana Castillo Deball (artists), Skype Interview with other artists
Moderation: Katerina Gregos und Solvej Helweg Ovesen (curators)

October 27, 2011 | 7:00 p.m. | Discussion: Networks and Cooperation within the Scope of the Kultur.Raum.Stadt Series of Events
ZEPHYR-Raum für Fotografie

Cécile Espitallier
Gabrielle Oßwald
Thomas Schirmböck
Carolin Ellwanger

The networking of cultural institutions has many faces and even more possibilities. It constitutes the basis for every conceivable type of cooperation. Promoters and sponsors of culture from the entire metropolitan area—an ever growing network spanning two states, three cities, and seven exhibition venues—closely collaborate to mount the Fotofestival. This year we succeeded in expanding this network artistically, institutionally, and even internationally. We collaborated with “Wonders of the Prairie”, the international festival for performance, live art, and art, which took place in September. In addition to local and regional partners, this year’s Fotofestival was also able to acquire “La Chambre”, the French association of photography in Strasbourg, as a partner. In the panel discussion, both of the regional festivals will introduce themselves and shed light on the various possibilities connected with festivals that have a regional basis yet international impact.
Carolin Ellwanger (Fotofestival) and Gabriele Oßwald (Wonders of the Prairie) will subsequently talk with the Fotofestival’s cooperation partners Thomas Schirmböck from Zephyr and Cécile Espitallier from La Chambre about the significance of cooperations and networks and their associated difficulties and possibilities.

Free admission!

photo competition FEIERABEND RELOADED
Take part in the joint photo competition of the BASF SE and the Fotofestival in the course of the reopening of the BASF Feierabendhaus on 26 November 2011. .

Applications are accepted until 28 October 2011
For more information visit

Feierabend reloaded

Barely three weeks after the exhibition opening the feedback for the 4th Fotofestival in Mannheim, Ludwigshafen and Heidelberg is excellent. More than 10 000 visitors attended the seven festival venues in the three involved cities yet. In comparison to the last Fotofestival two years ago that means an increase of 3000 visitors in the same time period.
Don't miss out on our upcoming events – the presentation of the Cultural Award 2011 to Prof. Klaus Honnef at the Heidelberger Kunstverein, the exhibition of the favorites of the portfolio review at the Print Media Academy Heidelberg, the presentation by the Turkish artist Köken Ergun at the Kunsthalle Mannheim, plus the artist talks with Bani Abidi (Kunsthalle Mannheim) and Roger Ballen (Sammlung Prinzhorn).
For further information please consider our fringe program.

Please find more information here:

the new European Photography is out!
Just published : European Photography 89

European Photography, the international art magazine for contemporary photography and new media, can be ordered online at The new issue #89 presents fresh and incisive projects by ten international artists, profound photo-critical essays, and a carefully-researched survey of artist-in-residence programs for photographers.

CALL FOR Portfolio- Review: the new deadline is Monday, August 15, 2011

The Portfolio Review provides the opportunity for an effective exchange between photographers and selected photography experts. Within the scope of the 4th Fotofestival, the first three favorites will be presented in their own exhibition at the Print Media Academy in Heidelberg. In addition, provides the first favorite with a € 1,000 gift certificate
toward the production of photo books!
For more detailed information go to:

Beat Streuli starts working for the Festivals outdoor project

Beat Streuli has become internationally known for his urban portraits - photographs of anonymous passers-by captured unawares - taken over the years in the world’s big cities: from Sydney, Tokyo and Athens to London and New York. In his work, ethnic or cultural backgrounds take a back seat in favor of a phenomenological treatment of their incidental activities and bodily gestures. The repetition of human forms and human ‘traffic’ develops into a meditative inquiry into a human condition.
For the 4th edition of the Fotofestival Beat Streuli will develop a site-specific work especially for the city of Mannheim. A photo palisade will be produced that runs diagonally across the Alter Messeplatz, which features citizens of the city in large-format photographs. For this purpose, Streuli be present in Mannheim, taking photographs in the city (and in particular at Messeplatz itself) during the month of July.

a new member for our Reviewing Team
Maren Lübbke-Tidow is the new member of the review-team at the 4. Fotofestival Mannheim_Ludwigshafen_Heidelberg

... linked again this year

This is not to imply that there is a conceptual link between the Venice Biennale and our Festival. But this year as well, one of our curators is again the artistic director of a national pavilion: Katerina Gregos is curating a group exhibition at the Danish Pavilion featuring statements by 18 artists on the theme FREEDOM OF SPEECH.
The exhibition SPEECH MATTERS opens on June 2 at 3:30 p.m. in Venice, and, needless to say, the members of the Festival team will be in attendance.

Everyone interested can visit the Venice Biennial from the 4th of June till the 27th of November 2011
More Information: