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The 4th edition of the Fotofestival focuses on the role of photography as it bears witness to the human condition at the dawn of the second decade of the 21st century. It poses questions such as: How would a portrait of humankind look like in 2011? What are some of the key issues and challenges facing humanity today? How is contemporary photography able to generate knowledge and social awareness? How are the notions of ‘truth’ and ‘authenticity’ imbued in the photographic image, and where might they reside – in the eye of the beholder, in that of the photographer, or in both?

The 4th edition of the Fotofestival aims to present a multifaceted portrait of humanity in all the diversity of our time. As such it sees itself as a voyage into the realm of mankind; an ethnographic and anthropological research by artists in the era of globalisation, in the aftermath of nineteenth and twentieth century colonialism and collapsed ideologies.